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20 Aug

Did you watch the Spartan race last night? I was inspired by the tenacity, perseverance and relentlessness of the athletes as they climbed the hills. One athlete talked about how important mental strength is. When your body is tired, the only thing that gets you through an intense challenge is desire. The female winner in last night’s race was Amelia Boone. She is known for her amazing capacity to endure. In one of her blogs she said that she may not be the fastest or the strongest, but she is really good at suffering. She is so good that she has been called the Michael Jordan of obstacle racing. The female runner up got mangled in the barbwire, but she didn’t stop to see if she was hurt. What good would it have done to stop and look at her cuts, scrapes and blood. It could have cost her a place. The most successful people endure temporary pain to achieve their goals. What do you sacrifice to achieve your goals? The life of your dreams will most definitely require sacrifice.

Email me at madeline@madfitness.com or comment here as to what you will sacrifice to achieve your goal. The most inspiring answer will receive a shipment of KIND bars. I look forward to reading your comments.

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In Health and Happiness.

Madeline Dolente

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