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27 Jan
English: Holiday Edition bottles of Diet Coke

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Today during lunch I stopped to get some gas and I got that craving for something sweet and needed a little boost. Deciding that it was too early to stop at the bar for a Long Island Ice Tea, I went into to the Royal Farms for a Diet Coke.  I only wanted a sip, so as I looked through the large selection, I saw the regular 20 ounce and then a mini 12.5 ounce.  How sad is it that 12.5 ounces looked like the kids’ version to me!  What has happened with portion size in America?  I think it has truly distorted peoples’ perception of what a normal portion should look like.

In America we are fortunate to have so many opportunities and it is a society where more is often perceived as better.  More cars, more homes, more clothes, more surgeries. more jewelry, more luxuries, more food…you get the point.  However, when you travel to Europe, you will often see the opposite.  Overseas, less is often perceived as more and yes the portion sizes are often 1/2 to 2/3 less than here in America.  With smaller portion sizes and more active people, you will see less obesity.  With larger portion sizes in activity, we see more obesity.  It’s obvious what happening.  I’m not asking you to save the world, I’m asking you to save you and your family.

I got the 12.5 ounce bottle of Diet Coke and didn’t feel the need to finish it.  It’s part of my less is more kick.  My goal is to choose smaller portions, by doing so I will no longer drink a 20 ounce bottle of Diet Coke just because it is there.  Who really needs an XL soda or a large coffee???  If I feel like eating a cookie or nuts, I will get a smaller bag.  My body doesn’t need 10 cookies at one sitting nor a pound of nuts.  It needs good nutrition so I can run a strong marathon and teach a great class.  It’s about making1 change at a time for a healthier and happier life!

How will you downsize in 2012 or what change have you made that has helped you lose weight and feel great?  Let me know!

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In Health and Happiness,

Madeline Dolente