Spartan Revolution Workout

21 Jun

Many of you hear me talk or post about Spartan races. It is a culture like no other. I love Spartan racing for so many reasons. Like many people I want to feel like I am part of something and the Spartan community is very embracing. I have met so many people at races that I still talk to that feel like my family. The courses challenge me, which I love because I know it makes me better. Every race is different and once a year I get a race where I nail every obstacle and that feeling is just awesome. Somehow even on my best days I miss the spear throw and have to do burpees, but that’s what makes me want to work harder. I always meet people along the course that inspire me like an amputee or someone with a far more challenging situation than my own. It really makes me put things into perspective and makes me thankful for the health I have. When I help someone with an obstacle and they successfully accomplish it, I love to look at the expression on their face. We are all capable of great things but we need to inspire each other along the way and that’s what Spartan races are all about.

So if you’ve never done a Spartan race or have ever thought about doing any type of #obstacle race this year, I am hosting a Spartan revolution workout in Franklin Square Park in NW Washington, DC this Sunday from 10-11am. You can register here at Spartan website


In  Health and Happiness,


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