Today is Summer Solstice

20 Jun

Today is Summer Solstice and this day is both the longest day of sunlight and marks the beginning of summer. Summer Solstice occurs when the sun reaches the northern-most position from the Earth. Today holds a special place of celebration in many cultures and is often celebrated with feasts, picnics, dances, and music. I decided to celebrate by starting my day with intention.

This morning I woke up at 4:45am and chose to do some yoga along the water and the monuments of Washington,DC. As I did my sun salutations I thought about how lovely the morning was and how blessed I was to have my health, family and friends. I felt the sun against my face and as I let all my expectations go, feeling peaceful and free. After my yoga session, I decided to use the outdoors to create a fun workout. I saw a bench near by and did some step-ups, pushups, and tricep dips. I ran the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial and finished up with some core work. What an awesome morning!

Make today and the summer of 2016 a healthy and happy one. Invite a friend for a jog or a walk. Use the parks and steps around you to get a total body workout. Play a game of soccer or tennis. Join a group for a hike. Don’t know where to start? Meetup has tons of groups for all sorts of activities. If you like to do obstacle course races, this Sunday, the Spartan race is offering a Revolution workout in parks in cities around the world so check out their website for a location near you. Paddleboard, kayak, swim or water-ski. One of my favorite things to do when I travel to Europe is run or cycle throughout the cities and towns.

How will you take advantage of the summer solstice and the summer of 2016? Comment here to motivate others and use the hashtag #gymiseverywhere. Today is the longest day of sunlight so make it count!

summer solstice reebok

Photographer: Amy Hutchinson & Edited by Hunter O’Brien

In Health and Happiness,  Miss Madeline

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