Stay Fit This Holiday Season

29 Nov

I have a very Italian family that takes pride in their food and preparing an amazing meal that is meant to me eaten, even if it is 10,000 calories. Add on the holiday parties, dinner meetings, food at the office, and it almost a guarantee that I would gain the average 10 pounds this holiday season, but NO, NOT THIS HOLIDAY! If you are worried about your dress fitting or your zipper closing, the 10 tips below are easy ways to make sure you look and feel like a rockstar this holiday season, so go on and look hot in your dress or tux and enjoy the time with family and friends!

1. Give yourself a concrete goal. Sign up for a race. I keep on track with my diet and exercise because I know that I won’t perform well in my race if I don’t. If you know you have something to work for, you are less likely to quit.

2. Enlist a friend to join you. Even when you are feeling tired or hungover, that friend will be the motivation you need to get your butt out of bed. 

3. When you know you have a long day ahead of you, workout in the morning. You will feel better and get more done.

4. Avoid all the processed sugar. Cookies and cake add no value to your life. Choose fruits instead.

5. Eat a salad as an appetizer instead to determine how hungry you are and avoid the bread.

6. Drink lots of water in the morning, throughout the day and in between alcoholic drinks.

7. If you are drinking, vodka or red wine is your best bet. 

8. Get in some longer workouts on the weekend to keep up your endurance and burn extra calories.

9. Hire a trainer or nutritionist to develop a plan to keep you accountable.

10. Even if you have 5 minutes to workout, it is still better than nothing.

Stay tuned for a quick workout you can do anywhere and below is a discount code to join me at a Spartan race!

  In Health and Happiness,
Miss Madeline 

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