Obstacle Race on NBC Sports & Cruise Giveaway

19 Aug

It’s hard to conceptualize an obstacle race unless you’ve done one or seen in action because my first experience was completely different from what I expected.  I did my first obstacle race 4 years ago when obstacle racing was still very new. A month before a bunch of my friends did the Warrior Dash. The pictures made it look like a 5K party on the trails where everyone wore fun costumes. I thought a 5K would be too easy for me so I signed up for the 15K.

I got a costume that made me feel like one of the characters on the The Incredibles, the Disney movie from 2004.  I had the cape, long dress, arm gear, and the eye mask. I remember putting it all on and stepping into my elevator at 2pm that Sunday and the guy in the elevator looking at me as if I was on crack. Even worse, he was hot and I tried to explain to him that I was running a race. A race on a Sunday afternoon in a costume that came to be know as Flash. When I got to the race, I was the only one in a costume. I remember really feeling like an idiot, but everyone was super cool and gave me props on my costume. On a side note, I looked up the website and there were awards for costumes, but at 3pm it was 95 degrees and I think everyone decided against it for the longer distance.

I get to my first obstacle which was a really high barrel of hay. I start running and leap onto the barrel and fall completely off. It took three tries before I realized that I wasn’t a superhero and that I needed to figure out a new technique. The rest was history. I had never learned how to do any of the obstacles but somehow I just did them. It’s like life. You don’t know what life will throw your way, but you have to be prepared. It’s how you respond to the challenges that dictate how your life will turn out.

Obstacle races are much different today. Rather than read about it, watch it in action, TONIGHT on NBC Sports. Below is the schedule and don’t forget to register to win a trip for 2 on the Spartan Cruise in the Bahamas. Airfare included and US Residents only. Here is the link http://bit.ly/spartancruisegiveaway

In Health and Happiness,

Madeline DolenteNBC Sports

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