Motivating Your Loved Ones

4 May

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a dentist. I had doctors and lawyers in my family, so becoming a dentist seemed like a natural fit. That was my plan until I looked into my dentist’s glasses one morning as she was looking into my mouth. I remember thinking as a little kid that I would never want to look into gross people’s mouths. What turned me off more was that every time I went to my dentist, she lectured me. I was smart enough to know the importance of brushing my teeth and I got lectured enough at home, so I didn’t need it from her. I started missing appointments because I didn’t feel like being ridiculed.

Years later when I was in highschool, my dentist was out on maternity leave and a male dentist took her place. Every time I came in, he’d look at my hand to see what club I had went to and ask about it. At that point I started to enjoy my visits because I enjoyed talking with him.

The reason I bring this up is because I recently have had conversations with clients and friends about their loved ones being lazy and gaining weight. My clients care so much about their loved ones’ health that they wind up lecturing them and get overly frustrated with their lack of enthusiasm for working out.

I understand their frustrations because laziness is irritating but getting frustrated with a loved one will not not motivate them. It will do the opposite. Instead, think of a way to make physical activity fun. My running buddy recently got her son to do treadmill challenges while she and her daughter did different workouts in the living room. She then posted it on Facebook to inspire others. If your loved ones or friends are being lazy, make it fun instead of lecturing them. Reward them for their performance and when they slack off, be slow to lash out on them.

If you make experiences enjoyable, your friends and family will be more likely to join you. Isn’t that the goal after all? Let me know how you make it fun! Below are 10 ideas to get your loved ones active.

1. Invite them to a class you think they will be successful at. Perhaps they have tried it before or have wanted to try it.

2. Let them experience the activity on their own unless they ask you for advice. Don’t be the nervous Nelly that corrects their every move. If you are worried about their form, talk to the instructor before class.

3. Go to a class with fun music and a fun instructor. You can invite your friends to any of my classes. Just send me an email at

4. Prepare them. Tell them what kind of clothes to wear and what they will need. If you are taking them to a cycling class, tell them to wear capris or tight fitting shorts. Make sure they have a bottle of water.

5. Plan something fun for afterwards. My friends and I often get healthy salads or a healthy cocktail afterwards. There is always a reason to celebrate.

6. Do not compare yourself to them. Chances are you have probably been doing the activity for a longer period of time and if they are new, they may not be as good as you. Focus on their effort not their performance.

7. Boost their confidence by complimenting what they did successfully. What may be easy for you, may be challenging for another person, so focus on their effort.

8. Make it a regular date. My friend and I planned to lift three times a week together so we can motivate each other. My other girlfriend an I meet up for bikram yoga once a week. I run with other friends.

9. If they fail, motivate them with encouragement and don’t show them that you are disappointed.

10. You can only control yourself so encourage your loved ones with soothing words and positive reinforcement.

We all have a duty to inspire others in our life to live a healthy lifestyle. The only way to ensure they do that is to make it fun. I love fitness and some people think I’m crazy but if I can inspire others to have fun while they work out, I know I am fulfilling my purpose. Go ahead inspire someone to workout and have fun and email me at to let me know what you did or if you need more ideas….

Heading out for a run to listen to some new jams!

In Health and Happiness,



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