Technology & Your Health, Apple’s New IWatch

5 Feb

It all started with Polar back in the 90’s and every serious Spinner wore a heart rate monitor and tracked their zones while pedaling furiously to the beat of the music. Next was Garmin who created clunky watches to help runners monitor their speed and distance. Then of course there became smaller devices for blood glucosse monitoring, making it less painful for patients who prick their fingers on a daily basis.

 I am amazed at how many new tools there are to analyze data. Some of my favorite are Garmin watches, Polar heart rate monitors, and the Lose It app. There are so many different sources to track different types of data, but what if there was one tool to track everything? As competition and technology made these gadgets more accurate and more user friendly over the years, Apple has created a new gadget and platform to make health monitoring easy and comprehensive. has provided us with so many ways to track our health and fitness. Is the new Apple Iwatch the solution?

Read the following links from the Business Insider and the Guardian;


Would you buy one?

Let me know what you think.

In Health and Happiness,

Madeline Dolente

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