23 Jan


The Seawheeze half marathon registration opens today. The link is It’s a half marathon with a yoga event and big party to follow the weekend of August 23rd!  Come join the fun!

I will be organizing a team for the race and planning lots of fun activities that will include virtual training and live classes. You’ll be invited to try the hottest classes in the area and they will be featured on the blog as well. This will all be available to you if you subscribe to my blog. Yes, these perks are free for subscribers.

There will be a training group in Bethesda, Baltimore, and possibly one in Washington, DC. If you’d like to create a group in your area, send me a message at and I’ll help you get it started. A group of us will be working to organize fun events the weekend of the race so if you are coming by yourself, you will have a team of friends to hang out with all weekend. Training and racing should be fun so go ahead and sign up. You can have fun with us.

Got a cool idea, post it here. Got questions, email me at

Join team Madfitness for a healthy and fun experience!

In Health and Happiness,



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