The Comparathalon

21 Jan

Unlike the marathon or triathlon, the comparathalon will make you crazy. With social media like Facebook, Twitter, and blogging, someone is always posting about how great their life is. Yesterday when I looked on Facebook, I saw adorable pictures of one of my friends children, another one of my friends was traveling to yet another amazing island, and another friend just got a movie role. People are doing some pretty amazing things. I’ve even had several people comment on how many things I do and that it makes them feel they should be doing more.

There’s always someone doing better and always someone doing worse. Stop trying to keep up with the Jones. When you see other people’s accomplishments, how do you respond? Do you ask how it is possible? Do you get angry or annoyed? Do you ask, “why not me?” It’s easy to get jealous about someone else’s success but jealousy is like a disease. It’s unhealthy and nothing good will come out of it. Instead, you could use their accomplishments as motivation.

Below I’m going to share with you what I do when I see my friends, coworkers, and family becoming Superstars. It motivates me to achieve more and inspires me to reach for the stars. Go ahead and get inspired…

1. Get excited with them. My best friend just texted me that she won the Maui marathon and her daughter placed second in the 10k. I got so excited that I couldn’t stop smiling. I thought about the long run she took me on and felt like I was lucky to run with such an outstanding runner. I thought about her dedication and it inspired me to eat healthy and schedule my workouts for the week.

2. Remember everyone has different talents and different strengths. While your friend may be an amazing cook, you may be an amazing hostess. We all have God-given talents, so instead of being envious of your friend’s cooking skills, learn from her talents. If you love a dish she makes, ask her for a copy of the recipe.

3. Write SMART goals for each week. Think about making YOUR life amazing by planning strategies to achieve your goals. These goals need to be smart, measurable, achievable, real, and timely. My goal this week is to work out 6 times on my own, so I made appointments for 1 boxing, 2 Pure Barre, 1 OrangeTheory class and 2 Bikram Yoga class.

4. Ask the experts for advice. See something amazing that you want. Ask your friend or coworker how they did it. Three quarters of my clients loved my spinning classes so much and asked for my help so they too now teach Spinning at some of the hottest gyms in the area.

5. Look at all the facts. No one has a perfect life and the most amazing people often have to make huge sacrifices that you may not be willing to make. The only reason I can work out so much and teach as much as I do is because I love fitness, I don’t require a lot of sleep, I’m not married, and I don’t have kids. I wake up at 5am. If I was married and had children, there is no way I could do all I do right now. 

6. Sit back and make a list of all the wonderful things in your life. Realize that you have a lot of things to be happy for and happiness starts with you.

Don’t hate, Appreciate because someone is looking at your pictures and wishing they have what you have.

your bodys best year everIn Health and Happiness,


One Response to “The Comparathalon”

  1. Jade January 21, 2014 at 6:20 pm #

    Great reminder madeline!! Thanks for the inspiring words!

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