Go For What’s Hard

17 Jan

My friend recently posted this quote on facebook, “You have to do the hard things.” Most people don’t like doing things that are hard. There is always a chance of failure, being laughed at, or looking like a fool. Instead many people stay safe and do that which is easy, that which is comfortable. hmmm..sounds boring

So if you’ve been reading my blog, you probably already know that I love working out. True, but I dread track workouts. I will even admit that I’ve even driven to the track and instead of getting out and running, I spent the hour on my phone sitting inside my car. When I think about track, I think about cold wind, several layers of clothes and my legs possibly locking up, and my stomach gets queasy. There is something about having to sustain a very fast pace for several laps that makes me anxious. So let’s just say track is hard for me, very hard. 

I signed up for the Barcelona marathon and know that the only way I will get faster is by doing track workouts so this Wednesday I committed to joining the track team. I emailed the group and spent the rest of the day preparing for an 8.5 mile killer track workout. Around 5pm I received an email that the coach was sick. This was my out, but something in me said I needed to follow through. Then as I was driving to track, I hit a ton of traffic. I knew I’d be late and could have turned around and went home, but I continued driving toward the school.

I got to the track and didn’t see anyone that I knew and then a girl called my name. A big group of guys joined us and we started the workout. It was hard and fast, but I survived and did much better than I expected. Because I ran faster than normal, I increased my pace on my run the following day and was successful. I also had a great experience with the runners and really enjoyed their company. 

If I didn’t do the hard workout, I wouldn’t have known that I was capable of running at the pace for 2 mile repeats. I wouldn’t have increased my pace the following day. I felt inspired and I wound up really enjoying myself. 

I wanted to share this with you because if you go for the things that are hard, you may be surprised by how amazing you really are! So take the challenge and go hard or go home. 

Comment on this blog and let me know one thing that you are going to do that is hard for you. I’d love to cheer you on! Have an awesome weekend!Image

In Health and Happiness,


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