Spartan Race Story & Discount Code

15 Jan

Mud runs are the biggest hype. I’ve done a ton of them, have been a race director for one, and they are really fun. What really amazes me is that every type of person comes out and succeeds. I’d like to share with you a special story from my dear friend and Reebok Ambassador Andrea Ferry. Read her story, look at the picture, and if you are inspired, go ahead and sign up with the discount code below. Cross it off your bucket list this year! 

From Andrea Ferry:
Since it was January, I encouraged everyone to pick a fitness goal for the year. I routinely taught the 5 am class – the class was typically all women who had to train before their kids woke up. We had people who wanted a pull up,  push up or simply a 5K – all great goals to start with and achievable with proper programming as well. One morning, a woman named Andria showed up unannounced and wanted to join the class.  She explained that she could not make any of the beginners night classes because of her 4 kids, so I agreed to let her learn as she went with my 5 am class.  Hell, if anyone is going to show up at 5 am to train, I am not going to turn them away. One of the first questions that I asked Andria was what she wanted to accomplish in 2013 and she said “the Spartan Race”.  
I , as her new coach, said “well if you are going to do it, that means I have to do it too.” We had a section on the white board for races and we added the Spartan Race plus our names. Andria is very persuasive and over the next few weeks, she started convincing more and more people to join the team. We became one of the largest teams in Philly to do the race and we called ourselves “the dirty delcos” being that we were from Delaware County, PA. It all sounds like a nice, seamless story with a happy ending, right? There was one small problem – we, as individuals, weren’t quite physically ready to take on the obstacles of the Spartan Race. As more and more people joined, I would get a text or a Facebook message saying “Hey Coach, I want to do the Spartan Race, can you get me ready in time?”.  I would never deter anyone from a goal, so I knew I had to do one thing – push these men and women harder than I have ever pushed anyone before ! I have to push them to the point of breaking, but not break them.  Holy hell Batman, some of these ladies had never picked up a barbell before and in 8 months they have to do sandbag carries, scale 6,7,8 feet walls, go up and under ropes, a 200M row in under 2 minutes, run stairs in a stadium and burpees upon burpees upon burpees. 
How the hell did this task fall upon me? There were some days at the gym that I thought I might just push these people so hard they might not come back. We had a lot of what I call “come to Jesus” moments when they get inside their head that they physically can’t accomplish something. I have ben nicknamed Jillian Michaels for a reason – I am not letting any negativity in the gym and those self bashing sessions are not going to happen in my presence.  I spent many hours watching Spartan Videos on YouTube to find things in the gym that would emulate the experience the day of the race.  The bond that was formed in the gym training for the Spartan Race was not something that you can find in a “how to” , “team building” or “self help” book. This was an all or nothing chance to prove to yourself, that you can do anything you set your mind to in life no matter what age, sex or athletic ability you are at currently!
September 28th rolls around ….40 team members later…. many inches and pounds lost…and here we are the day of the Spartan Race. Everyone had mixed emotions of excitement, fear and anxiety. As a coaching staff, we had felt that we had prepared our clients the best that we could for the event.  As individuals, we had worked our butts off and we were ready – As a TEAM, we were unstoppable. Andria’s Spartan race goal not only inspired me to be a better coach, but she inspired many women to complete some previously unimaginable feats of athleticism. Attached is a photo of Andria Mariani (#2452) hugging her sister in law Danielle Foster. Danielle’s son (Darin) is behind her in the photo as well. Darin ran the whole race with his mom and made sure she could get through every obstacle. Danielle has a special place in my heart as well. There were some days in the gym that I thought I just might break her today. These are two of the strongest women I know physically, mentally and emotionally. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to coach them.
Come join me at the Special Ops Spartan Race this February 15th at Raymond James Stadium. 
This is also a URL you can use and share which will generate a code for 15% off any Spartan Race –
In Health and Happiness,
Madeline Dolente

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