MetCon3 as featured in Oxygen magazine

10 Jan

For most of us living on the East Coast, it can be hard to motivate on a day like this with the cold rainy weather. I woke up thinking it would be nice to cuddle next to a fire and then reality set in. My alarm was going off and I had 5 minutes to get ready for class. I took a very challenging Bootcamp class and I knew my body would feel better afterwards.

When it’s especially hard to motivate, don’t give in, get moving to your favorite class and in no time, the instructor, music, and the people around you will make you happy that you are there and you will leave feeling great.

Today I am going to tell you about MetCon3. It was featured in the January 2014 issue of Oxygen magazine as one of the hottest and most effective fitness trends for 2014! MetCon3 stands for metabolic conditioning working the 3 systems known as the phosphagen, glycolic, and aerobic systems. Once you warm up, you do 10 exercises for 1 minute each. You repeat the cycle 2 more times using your body weight, dumbells, and another piece of equipment such as a medicine ball or VIPR. Some of my favorite exercise are med ball burpees, renegade rows, and push-ups with a side plank.

I love teaching this workout because people sweat, have fun, and improve their minds and bodies. I watch people improving their coordination and sometimes checking out their biceps. I love when people laugh during the partner drills! The best part is that you work every body part in as little as 45 minutes. Come check it out at Equinox. I teach it at the Bethesda location 3 times a week.

In Health and Happiness,



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