Eating at Airports

2 Jan

Most people who travel tend to gain weight because they are always eating on the road. Airport food can often be very heavy and very high in calories. Restaurants and meals claim to be healthy but are they really? I have a photo shoot next week so I did my own investigation on my way to visit my best friend in North Carolina at the BWI airport.

First I came across a vendor with sandwiches and salads. There was not one item that had any nutritional information on it. As I looked at each of the items I noticed that every sandwich had cheese and mayonnaise. Both are high in fat and calories. The salads all had a ton of cheese and crunchy noodles. Those crunchy noodles are yummy but really high in calories. I looked at the dressings and there was not one low fat option. I moved on.

The first restaurant I came to was Nature’s Kitchen Fresh Cafe. I was excited that they might offer some green drinks or really healthy salad options, but all I saw were pre made cheesy salads and tons of processed lunch meats and bread. There was nothing nature made about it!

I have been working out hard and eating healthy and feeling great so I am not going to ruin it all with a bad meal. As I continue through the airport I was delighted to find Chipolte! At last, a place that had healthy options and listed the calories. I ordered a salad which consisted of lots of romaine lettuce, black beans, grilled chicken, mild salsa and a little of guacamole. I usually get the chips but when I saw they were 500 calories, I decided I didn’t need them. The bowl was more than enough. I didn’t need cheese, or a wrap and the salsa and guacamole had enough flavor so why use dressing? The dressing probably contained more calories than the salad itself. The portion was more than I needed so I ate slowly and threw about half of it away. I put it in the trash because I was full. I didn’t need anymore and my stomach would thank me later.

You have to eat healthy 90 percent of the time to stay lean and defined, especially as you get older. Next time you’re at the airport, eat like your at home. Inquire about calories, choose low fat salad dressings and stay away from creamy dressings, cheese, and bread.

Travel like a rockstar!

In Health and Happiness,



2 Responses to “Eating at Airports”

  1. Gail Williams Glasser January 4, 2014 at 6:18 pm #

    I enjoy reading your blog. It inspires me. I am taking Cross Fit and I think of your suggestions all the time

    • mdolente January 4, 2014 at 6:37 pm #

      Gail, you are an inspiration! I love that every year you take on new challenges and continue to get stronger and more amazing! I would love to profile your story on my blog!

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