Cold Weather Inspiration

25 Nov posted that it felt like 15 degrees in Baltimore! As I looked at the numbers and heard the wind buckle against my window, I thought about how good it would feel to sleep for 15 more minutes. So many thoughts and excuses went through my head. I could skip the run and workout indoors or do yoga or perhaps my friend didn’t even feel like running. I thought about the long drive and realized I could always find an excuse. It is always easy to find an excuse to justify laziness.

Lindsey sent me a text shortly after I awoke stating I should prepare for the blistering wind. I texted her back that I had been preparing all morning and we had run in worse, much worse weather. I will never forget the day we ran 19 miles in an ice storm. Looking back it was crazy, but we were training for the New Orleans marathon and there is no way we could skip a long run. There wasn’t any extra time built into our training schedule and the treadmill was not an option, not for 19 miles. I also thought about the woman I met after the San Francisco marathon. She learned about the Nike marathon while she was going through chemotherapy as part of her treatment for lymphoma. She had never been a runner but decided to start training for the race. She was 60 and lived in Alaska so many of her runs were in weather that was 15 below 0. 

It’s the challenging days that make freezing days like this seem bearable. Every time I run in bad weather, I remind myself that the weather for the marathon has got to be better and I’m getting the bad out of the way. So many people wait for the ideal situation. Well, I got to tell you that the ideal situation may never come and if you wait too long, you might just miss the last train.

Below are 10 things you can do to ensure you stay motivated and don’t become a lazy bum like Garfield. Garfield is a cute cartoon cat that is meant on the couch, but you are meant to be active and amazing!

1. Enlist several friends that enjoy the same activities you do. It’s better to have more than one, so if one bails, you still have another friend to call.

2. Stop with the excuses. They only prevent you from becoming the person of your dreams.

3. Think about someone you admire and what they would do. I thought about the 60 year old woman battling lymphoma and how she ran in 15 below weather in Alaska as a new runner!

4. Think about how the big picture. Realize how this action is an integral part of your plan to achieve your goals. 

5. Focus on the domino effect. Allowing yourself to quit this time could lead to several other excuses and shortcomings. Getting better is about consistency. Without it, it is hard to improve.

6. Don’t think too long about it, just get out the door and do it. It’s easy to think yourself out of it, so when the motivation hits, get out the door and get going!

7. Hire a trainer to keep you accountable. People often do better with trainers because they have a set plan and someone is waiting for them to show up.

8. Tie your actions to a reward. If you wanted a new Lululemon jacket, tell yourself you can get it if you do 3 runs or workout classes this week.

9. Announce your plan on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I told everyone on facebook that I was planning on taking a boxing class before I taught my class at Equinox and when I woke up that morning I was tired, but I knew that I already said I would do it, so it motivated me to get my lazy butt out of bed and take the class.

10. Do it for you. Think of the benefits you get from following through and achieving your goals. There’s nothing you can’t do so go ahead and make it happen!

Let me know what your workout consisted of today!

In Health and Happiness,



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