Don’t Gain Weight, Gain Confidence this Holiday Season

21 Nov

Every holiday season people gain an average of 8-10 pounds. This can be concealed with sweaters, sweat shirts, and baggy pants but why conceal it? Why wouldn’t you wear little tops showing off your midriff or low riders to glorify your sexy abs? I’ll tell ya why! Most people are not proud of gaining weight which is why they hide it. So I am going to give you tips to stay proud of your bodacious bod this holiday season so you can sport the tiny tops and short skirts. Here are my top 10 for avoiding the holiday weight gain so YOU too can walk around and say, “It’s Britney ……!”

1. Add 5-15 minutes of cardio to your routine. If you are going to the gym, jump on the treadmill or bike for 15 minutes before your workout. If you are traveling, jump rope to 2 songs on your ipod. Jumping rope can be done almost anywhere and it is 70% less impact than running.

2. Add plyometric bursts to your workout. Do jump squats, power lunges or burpees in between sets or during a commercial break. It will get your heart rate up and give you more energy.

3. Choose the interval training mode on your cardio equipment or add 1 minute bursts of fast walking or sprints to your run. Interval training burns more calories during your workout and afterwards.

4. Work out multiple body parts at once. Add a lateral raise to a lunge or bicep curls with your squat. This will incorporate the total body which will equate to more calories burned and a more toned physique! 

5. Go the distance once a week. If you normally do 45 minutes of cardio, once a week add 15 more. If you usually take 1 spin class, double up. Going longer once a week will improve your cardiovascular endurance.

6. Take it up a notch, literally. If you do cardio, add an incline to the treadmill, elliptical or resistance on the bike. If you run outside, choose a route with more hills. Hill training will help you get stronger  and burn more calories overall.

7. Be strategic with your daily routine and think of it as an adventure race. Take the stairs, park further away, and walk during lunch. 

8. Choose exercise routines that will burn more such as cycling, power yoga, metabolic training over pilates, barre, or basic yoga classes.

9. Double up. Many of the fittest do a workout in the morning and one in the evening a few days a week. Even if it’s a light cardio session in the morning and a power class at night, every minute counts.

10. Race through the holidays! Sign up for a Turkey 5k or 10k or a winter run/walk! Give yourself a goal and your more likely to keep training!

It is extremely easy to gain weight over the holidays and much harder to lose it, so be one step ahead and take your exercise up a notch!  When you walk into the room, don’t cover your body, be so comfortable enough with it, that you could walk in with your midriff bare and say “It’s Britney….!” Download the song to get your swagger on, (copy and paste this link)


In Health and Happiness,




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