Late Night Eating

7 Nov

THERE ARE NO BENEFITS FOR EATING LATE AT NIGHT, unless you consider getting thick a benefit. If you eat late when your metabolism slows down, you are going to gain weight. Most people know that so why do they do it? 

For many people, eating late at night started in college. There were several girls in my dorm who gained the freshman 15 because they would drink till 2 or 3 in the morning then follow it up with a few slices of cheese pizza. The pizza helped with the hangover, but it went straight to their gutt and their butt. Then there were some of us who would stay up late studying and used food to keep us awake. I can remember eating a bag of Junior Mints in hopes of memorizing tons of Accounting principles. Regardless of the reason, several months of repeated eating late in the evening eventually made it a habit. It is an unhealthy habit so here are a few ways to break the cycle.

1. Eat more throughout the day so you aren’t so hungry in the evening.

2. Drink more water.

3. Buy different kinds of tea and drink tea instead of eating food. You can sweeten it with stevia if you’d like.

4. Chew gum.

5. Go to bed earlier.

6. Drink a protein shake 3 hours before going to bed to stabilize blood sugar levels.

7. Start taking notes as to what you crave at night and when you have those cravings to eat, call a friend instead.

8. Don’t have any snacks in the house that will make it easy for you to nosh at night.

9. Think about how eating late at night will affect your body and hinder you from achieving your goals.

10. Do something soothing at night, such as taking a bath, reading an enjoyable book, or watch a movie. 

These are all great ideas for stopping the cycle, but you have to make the decision that it’s what YOU want. You are amazing so treat your body good. Fuel your body with essential nutrients during the day and make the calories at night light to ensure you have a sound and peaceful sleep.

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Sweet dreams!

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