Total Body 10 Minute Challenge

30 Sep

Here is a 10 minute workout you can do from anywhere at anytime. If you in your office or in a hotel room, grab two water bottles. If you are in your kitchen, grab two cans. If you are at home and have hand weights, pick them up and let’s get started.

Beginners: use 3-5lbs. Intermediate: 5-8 lbs. Advanced 10-12 lbs.

Do each of the exercises below for 1 minute. If you do each exercise once, you will have a great 10 minute total body workout. You can repeat this workout a second time for better results, or do it three times to feel and look like a rockstar! If you can do this 2 or 3 times a week, you will create a strong, lean, and defined body in just 2 weeks!

1. Squat with knee lift
2. Stand on right leg with a bicep curl
3. Stand on left leg with a bicep curl
4. Overhead press
5. Right leg forward and left tricep kickback
6. Left leg forward and right tricep kickback
7. Both arms kickback
8. Lunge forward and rotate weight over front leg, alternating right and left
9. Chest press with heel tap
10. V seat with weight tap side to side.

Let me know how it made your body feel and have an awesome day! Make healthy choices each and everyday!

In Health and Happiness,

Madeline Dolente

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