Your Diet

6 Sep

As you get older, your diet becomes more important than ever. Recently I was asked to do a food journal for the Washingtonian. You can see the article by copying this link into your browser

It prompted me to reevaluate what I was eating and drinking every day.  I noticed less energy and more cravings for carbohydrates.  I had started drinking more caffeinated beverages as well. I wasn’t cooking and instead I was picking up food on the go. I got so busy at work and in my hobbies, that I started to pay less attention to what I was eating and more attention to my busy schedule. Many people will try to say that it doesn’t matter what I eat because I am so active, but let’s set the record straight. Even for someone like me who runs marathons, teaches classes, and loves to workout, my diet is important, maybe even more important.

Take a moment and ask yourself some of the same questions I asked myself?

1. Do I have a lot of energy or am I getting tired?

2. Do I eat a lot of vegetables and fruits every day?

3. Are my foods fresh or coming from packages?

4. Do I eat out or make my own food?

5. How much caffeine and sugar do I consume daily?

6. How many pieces of bread did I have today?

7. How much sodium did my last meal have?

8. Do you my clothes feel loose or tight?

9. Am I happy with my body?

10. Is my food giving me the energy I need?

If you are not satisfied with the answers to these questions as I was, I am asking you to make some changes to your diet. After my cleanse, I decided that I will cut out dairy, bread, and excess sugar for the next month. I am eating more vegetables, more fruits, and having a salad every day. What change will you make? Here are some more ideas below:

1. Eat vegetables in your breakfast by making an egg white omelette with asparagus or make a green blended drink.

2. Blend one drink every day with something green.

3. Give up candy. Yes that’s been a hard one for me!

4. Eat fruit when you want something sweet.

5. Substitute quinoa for pasta.

6. Make meals on Sunday so you have nutritious meals throughout the week.

7. Add more spices to your meals so you don’t need heavy dressings.

8. Cut out desserts.

9. Use almond milk instead of cow’s milk.

10. Write down everything you eat for one day.

If you’ve made a change, comment here and inspire us!  Even 1 change can make a substantial difference in your energy levels and physique!

In Health and Happiness,

Madeline Dolente


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