Run for Boston

30 Apr

After running the Raleigh Half marathon, I was inspired to sign up for another race.  I had my eye on the Mulligan Metric Marathon, but I wasn’t sure that I was ready for a 16 plus mile run, let alone race.  When I heard the news about the horrible incidents during the Boston Marathon, I was inspired to complete the marathon. I wanted to run the race in honor of the runners in Boston.

The morning of the race I felt tired and contemplating dropping down to the Half Metric Century.  The half was only 8.5 miles but as I ran, I began passing people one by one.  I thought my pace may be a little too ambitious, but I felt go0d.  Around mile 5, I saw this girl who had a nice pace and was a little faster than me.  I was curious to hear her story, so I picked up my pace and finally caught up with her.  I took my headphones out of my ear and started talking to her as I kept her pace.  I wasn’t sure if she wanted to talk, but I thought she may have an interesting story, so I kept talking and asking questions.

I was right!  She was very interesting and had run marathons all over the world.  She had just returned from Machu Picchu, where I had also been so we talked about travel adventures.  She had worked in Africa, which I found very interesting.  We had a lovely conversation and continued to talk even after as we passed through the finish line, 16.6 miles later.  She made my run so enjoyable and possible!

Running can be so enjoyable, especially when you have great people to run with.  The next time you head out for a run, take out your headphones and talk to someone.  You never know who you will meet, what you will learn, or how amazing your run can be.  Trust me, life is even better when you get outside your comfort zone and share it with someone else. Had a great run?  Share it with me at

In Health and Happiness,

Madeline Dolente

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