Race to Improve

29 Apr

For those of you that know me, I love to run.  Some people think I’m crazy, but I actually think running keeps me sane.  This winter I moved and changed jobs.  My schedule changed drastically.  I seemed to be traveling every weekend.  Adjusting to all of the changes seemed to take a toll on my running.  I normally train for marathons year round, but this  winter I found myself lucky to get in a 5 miles, instead of the 10 milers that I was used to.

Now yes, I do workout daily, but I needed the consistent running to be able to realize my potential and improve.  There was no way I would get faster without the training.  I needed a kick in the butt so I agreed to do the Raleigh Half Marathon with my best friend three weeks ago.  We had a very active weekend and my legs were already tired by the time the race started.  As I climbed my first hill, I started to think back to my last race and I realized the last race I had ran was the Philadelphia Marathon in November.  Wow, so I hadn’t raced in over 4 months.  I started to understand why the hills became harder.  Sure I didn’t stop running, but racing is important for improvement.  I finished the race with a nice kick, but I knew I could have done better.

This was exactly the motivation I needed to get back in gear.  The running club I started on Monday nights has helped and meeting friends throughout the week has also helped make my running more consistent.  If you’ve fallen off of the wagon, join a group or hire a trainer.  Accountability is key and it has helped me get my mojo back.

In fact, after the Raleigh Half Marathon, I ran a Metric Marathon April 23rd and the Nike Half Marathon yesterday.  If you want to hear about it, log on each day this week and I’ll share some pretty inspiring stories!

In Health and Happiness,

Madeline Dolente




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