Barre Workouts

5 Feb

No, I am not talking about raising the beer mug to your lips in a repeated motion at the bar, but I am going to let you in on my experience with the Barre workouts.  Everyone is talking about Barre, so I think you should know the details.  Shape claimed Barre classes as 1 of the top fitness trends in 2012 and now in 2013 Barre studios are popping up everywhere.  As most people know, I love intense workouts so I was shocked when some of my students started adding Barre classes to their routine.  Rather than forming assumptions, I spent some time checking out studios on my own.

Barre is a ballet inspired workout and most often takes place in a room with mirrors, a ballet barre, and a wood floor.  The class uses a mat, ball, and 1-3 pound weights.  I took my first class at a very prominent studio in Washington, DC.  I asked the front desk staff who the toughest instructor was and I attended her class.  The instructor was very nice and proper, but aven after running 7 miles, I barely felt a thing.  We spent a lot of time on lower body, and then did some upper body and abs, but nothing on my body felt sore.  I felt relaxed at the end of class, but it wasn’t worth my time or the $25.  I am not a sadist, but I only have so much time and when I can work out, I want to know that I am giving my body love.  

I was talking to my client the other today and she describes her barre class as a relaxing stretching class.  I can stretch and relax at home and for free! I then tried several other classes, but I had no real desire to go back. 

Recently I was attending a training in Utah and my friend who is an amazing marathon runner kept talking about how much she loved her Barre class, so I decided to give it another try.  I would be totally optimistic and let go of all preconceived notions, but I just hope I wouldn’t be wasting an hour of my time!

Last week I attended Chauna’s barre class at Zengo Fitness and it was awesome! I am kind of bummed I am in Atlanta right now because I want to go back!  It was a small group of 10, we each had a ball, mat and light weights.  We did several repetions of each exercise, working the core, upper body, and lower body.  As I held onto the ballet bare, I could feel  my muscles shaking and my thighs burning. I actually worked up a small sweat!  It made my core feel great and she even came over and adjusted me a few times.  It was a small class and the music was fun too.  It went by much faster than I thought.  After class I took a cycle class and my day was perfect! 

So what made this class different from the rest?  Chauna!  Her experience, her cuing, her adjustments to the students to ensure they are executing the movement correctly.  The music, the small room, and yes, I sweat and could feel my muscles working.  So, I’ll be back!  That with a cycle class is a perfect workout. 

Barre can be a good workout, but you must have a very knowledgable instructor and you should also incorporate cardiovascular exercise into your program.  If you want to try a class with Chauna, the first one is free.  Go to

Below is a picture of one of my favorite core moves while Chauna is teaching the class.Barre with Chauna


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