4 Feb

While running on the treadmill this morning, I was listening to the commentators discuss the Super Bowl.  They talked about Ravens dominating the first half, the blackout that took too long, the 49ers coming back, but it was what he said next that gave me chills.  The commentator talked about the sacrifice the Ravens have made to become the Superbowl Champions.  The Ravens have spent several years training, working through injuries, spending time away from their families.  Their win was evident that their years of scarifice have paid off.   That my friends, is a sweet success, not just the win, but to know all that effort made a difference.

So when I think about the Ravens and the celebrations throughout Baltimore City, I am elated because the Ravens worked hard and deserve  to be the champions.  I danced around my hotel room celebrating!  I then think about my own life and my own goals, and what I am sacrificing or should be sacrificing to achieve the life of my dreams.

I am traveling for work and before I came I made a concious effort to pack healthy snacks with protein and look up fitness facilities in the area.  I knew we would be served snacks all day and it would be tempting to eat a lot, but I will not need all those calories while I am sitting all day.  I am willing to sacrifice a few hours of sleep so I can work out in the morning and I will not eat a ton of carbohydrates throughout the day.  The sacrifice far outweighs the benefit of feeling great and fitting into my clothes.  In addition, I will run each day so when I return home I will not feel challeneged when I show up to run group.  I am also taking some Spin classes to see if I can learn anything new.

I am also going to spend some time this week thinking about what other things I have to sacrifice to achieve the life of my dreams because I could be achieving more!  What will you sacrifice to realize your potential?  Don’t think about what you feel like having this very moment.  Instead, think of what your life will look like 6 months from now.  If it’s a fitter body, put down the french fries and get to the gym.  If you want a better career, start spending more time becoming an expert in your field.  The possibilities are endless, but the only way to achieve your best life is to make some sacrificies and go after it!


Super Woman

Super Woman

Please comment on this blog and let me know 1 sacrifice you will make today!  Go ahead be Wonder Woman or Superman!

In Health and Happiness,


One Response to “Sacrifice”

  1. Clay February 4, 2013 at 5:06 pm #

    I really liked what you said about sacrifice, it was very relevant to me. I wrote out my goals for 2013 and beyond in my notes part of my IPhone so they are with me everyday and I can see them. Not write them out then put them away and forget about them. I treat them as goals nor resolutions that are gone in a few weeks. They are goals for 2013 and beyond and I have already started on them in a big way

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