Hot New Workout -Featured in Magazines-It’s not CrossFit

25 Jan

As a fitness expert, I believe it is my duty to try out all new workouts.  I like to be knowledgable about anything involving health that hits the market. When Equinox announced they were having a training for Animal Flow, I jumped on board.  Animal Flow has already been featured in fitness magazines, the classes are in demand, so let me share with you my experience.

Animal Flow was created by Michael Fitch, who has spent years in the gym as a personal trainer and realized his body was not responding well to all the heavy weights.  He was big and bulky and sore but he was tired of feeling achy.  In his search for a better fitness routine, Michael began exploring all different types of activities, including breakdancing, yoga, and functional training.  He wanted a workout that was more functional and dynamic. He started feeling and looking better and he wanted to bring his experience to the masses.  This resulted in his creation of Animal Flow.

Animal Flow is a signature class at Equinox gyms.  When I entered the class at Equinox in Bethesda, Maryland, I didn’t know what to expect.  Michael, the creator of Animal Flow, was standing there, very fit and with a body to prove that he was doing something right.  I could sense he was very knowledgable so I had no doubt that the we would all be successful.  He started the class with a warm up that felt good to the body.  We stretched our wrists, loosened our hips, and then our lower backs.  We began crouching and I could feel my quadriceps burning.  A few minutes into the workout I realized that most of my balance would come from my abdominals so everything became easier once I began actively engaging my abdominals.  Ten minutes into the class, we began leaping, my heart rate increased, and I felt sweat running down my face.  As the movements became harder, I became more aware of my body and I was really having fun!

The movements flowed from a crouching position to a plank to a bridge to a rotation. It was a full body, integrated approach with functional movements that we used to do when we were children. I could feel my muscles working, my abdominals burning, and everything lengthening.  

Here is the youtube video to see some of the movements from the creator, Michael Fitch.


You can find classes at Equinox at

Have fun and bring out your inner animal!

In Health and Happiness,

Madeline Dolente




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