Lance Armstrong

22 Jan

I was recently interviewed on CBS News in Washington, DC by WUSA9’s Derek McGinty who asked me my opinion on the recent Lance Armstrong scandal.  Many of my clients and friends have also asked my opinion because of my experiences with cycling. I have raced numerous races, biked thousands of miles on road bikes, mountain bikes, cyclocross bikes, and yes Spin bikes.  

It has been a pleasure to learn as much as I can about the sport of cycling.  Cycling has been around forever, but it was Lance Armstrong’s first win of the Tour De France that created the cycling craze. This helped to increase attendance to Spinning classes, bike sales, bike lanes, and I truly believed Lance Armstrong motivated millions of Americans to get off the couch and get on the bike.  For that I am thankful to Lance Armstrong.  

I also believe he inspired those with cancer to live a better life.  As a cancer survivor, he proved that cancer doesn’t mean you have to stop living.  He proved it was possible to live a better life after battling the disease.  That is motivation!

Now I’ve read his books, watched the interviews, and I know he has made some pretty big mistakes.  He lied to millions of Americans, he sued those who tried to slander his name, he was simply as Oprah claimed a “jerk!”  

I talked to a few people who hate him for lying.  Rather than make assumptions about a person or take things personally, I try to put myself in that person’s shoes.  In Lance Armstrong’s book, ‘It’s Not About the Bike’, it is obvious that Lance’s primary motivator is his fear of failure.   To combat his fears, he will do whatever it takes to survive.  Whether that meant lying or cheating, Lance did whatever it took to win.  

In a sport where most of the participants are using drugs, I believe that Lance Armstrong would not have won without them.  His desire to win was much greater than his desire to do the right thing.  Heck, Bill Clinton’s desire to fulfill his sexual satisfaction was much greater than his desire to be a good husband, as we see with many politicians.  Everyone has a choice and if they thought about the good of others and weren’t so selfish, we wouldn’t have the problems we have today.  The truth will always catch up with you…

Instead of hating Lance, use his actions as a reminder to think about the effects of your actions and make decisions that will benefit everyone.  Make a difference that someone will talk about with a smile!


In Health and Happiness,


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