Make 2013 your best year yet!

18 Jan

Happy New Year!

Every New Year, millions of Americans make New Year’s resolutions with the hope of achieving something new and creating a better life.  The gyms are packed, the grocery stores are especially busy, and everyone is on a diet.

It blows my mind that some people only chose 1 day in the year to start something new and then fail to stick with it, so my challenge to you today is trash your resolutions.  Instead, I would like you to create a declaration and inform as many people as you can about your new goals.  Telling others will make you more accountable to your goals and you will be that much closer to achieving the life of your dreams.

Declare that 2013 will be your best year yet!

Below are ten steps to help you make your dreams a reality:

1.  Reflect upon 2012 and on a piece of paper and make 4 rows and identify the rows by health, work, relationships, and spirituality.

2.  Write down 4 positive and 4 negative aspects of each.  You can probably think of more, but write down those that are most significant.

3.  To the right of each column, write down what you would like to achieve.

4.  On another sheet, write down these goals.

5.  Next to each goal, list all the actions you will need to do to achieve those goals.

6.  Record a date next to each goal that you truly believe you can achieve it by.

7.  Write down the names of 4 people who you will ask to hold you accountable to this goal.

8.  Hang this sheet somewhere you will see it everyday, such as your refrigerator or to the side of your mirror.

9.  Envision yourself achieving your goals and surround yourself with people who will support you.

10.  Let go of anything standing in the way of achieving your goals.  Extra baggage is never attractive.

One of my declarations is that I will run at least a mile every day.  I started on January 1st and I will continue until the end of the month.  What is your declaration?  What will you do to make 2013 your best year yet?

Off to run in Health and Happiness,

Madeline Dolente

Madeline DolenteImage

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