14 Sep

My inspiration is Carl Hyman, may his soul rest in peace. I’ll never forget the day I met Carl at the Merritt Downtown Athletic Club in Baltimore, Maryland. He was furiously working the elliptical with handles, sweat was running down his face, and his smile was beaming when he told me how much he loved my music. I smirked to myself because I saw him working hard and I thought he was dancing to the best of my spinning music on his elliptical, but I wasn’t sure. My spin class was next to the elliptical machines and my music is often loud enough that everyone could hear. People had complained in the past, but not Carl, he was happy.

Complaints can get old real quick, so when Carl told me how much he loved the music, it made my day! I would see Carl nearly every Tuesday and Thursday and we would talk each week. Carl had just returned from rounds of chemotherapy. He was dying but working out made him feel alive.  He lived every moment with tremendous passion and energy.  He traveled the world with his wife and his stories made me feel as if I was there.  He asked me to make him cds because it it inspired his workouts so I the week after I brought him two cds I thought he’s like.  His energy was contagious and every time I saw him, it made me smile.

Carl was an amazing man and he didn’t let cancer control his life.  He didn’t live in fear and he didn’t feel bad for himself. He lived every moment to its fullest. Wow! It made me really thankful for my health, my energy, and my life.  Carl reminded me that there are two ways to look at life. You can focus on what you are dealt or you can focus on making your life the best! You only have one life so what will you do today to make it better?

To read more about Carl Hyman, I have included a link to his obituary.

Have a lovely day and inspire the next person you meet!

In Health and Happiness,

Madeline Dolente

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