Labor Day Strategies for Your Best Life!

3 Sep

It seems like the summer has flown by and it’s hard to believe that September is here and Fall is just around the corner.  The day after Labor Day seems to be the beginning to busy schedules, shorter days, and more traffic.  Short work weeks are over and there is a sense of urgency to achieve work goals before the Christmas holiday.  This is why I choose to spend an hour or two or Labor Day reassessing my work, health, and personal goals and the strategies I have in place to achieve them.

When planning your work strategies, analyze your current plan and look at what is working and what is not.  Replace the actions that are hindering your success with new strategies.  For example, if you work in sales and are spending a good amount of time trying to persuade a customer that isn’t budging, then it may be time to focus on another customer that you already have some business with.  Time is money and whenever you waste time, you are losing money.

Personal goals are important because they often have a much bigger effect on you than most people realize.    If you are in a relationship that is draining you, cut it off.  If you are spending too much time with someone else’s problems, then cut back.  If you aren’t spending enough time with friends or family, then reassess how you spend your time and look for ways to incorporate friends or family into your schedule.

Health goals are important because no one is going to take care of your body but you.  Working out can help you reduce stress, improve your confidence, and clear your head.  For many people, workouts are the only time they get for themselves so to those people it is a treat.  A good workout puts a smile on my face and helps me think and feel better.

To give you some ideas, I am listing a few of my own personal strategies.  Your strategies may be completely different but take my ideas as a starting point.

1.  Run 3 times a week.  My long runs have been very challenging because my running schedule has been sporadic so by increasing the number of times I run, my long runs will not be as painful.

2.  Incorporate more vegetables into my meals.  This will help me feel better, eat cleaner, and be lighter for my runs.

3.  Stick to my weekly call plan for work.  Often times I receive calls and I change my routing which limits the number of people I can see in a day, so by sticking to a call plan, I will be more productive and reach my target goals.

4.  Plan more lunches, dinners, and phone calls to my friends.  Emails are great but they are less personal so phone calls and actual dates will ensure I make my family and friends a priority.

The most successful people don’t just wait for things to happen.  They make things happen, so take some time to think about your goals and the strategies you have in place.  Make an action plan that is realistic, achievable, tell a friend or family member to provide some accountability, and set a date.

Have a good idea?  Send it to me at or post a comment on the blog.

Happy Labor Day!

In Health and Happiness,

Madeline Dolente

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