Marathon Training in Turks & Caicos with the Provo Road Runners

29 Aug


Traveling can always be tough for marathon training because there aren’t always ideal roads routes to run and the city people are aren’t always runner friendly.  During my trip to Turks & Caicos, I was taking my scuba diving certification.  It was amazing to plunge 60 feet below water and see all the beautiful coral and sea creatures.  While we were out on the boat getting ready for our second dive, I overheard our dive master, Kevin, talking about running.  Anyone who know me, knows I am the female version of Curious George, so I started asking him a ton of questions and by the end of teh dive trip, he had invited me to join their group.


Saturday morning, which was the day after my triathlon and the rehearsal dinner, the alarm went off at 4:45. I was out of bed and on my way to meet Kevin at the gate.  I jumped in his car and he drove me to meet the most lovely group of runners.  We met at the most amazing dock and as I looked around everyone was buzzing with energy.  Their excitement was contagious and I couldn’t wait to start the adventure.


We were set out for their longest run, which was 8 miles.  The buzzing stopped as everyone set their GPS watches, so I set my Garmin and we took off.  The leader introduced me to the other members of the group who were all very nice and we exchanged stories.  Many were training for their upcoming half marathon and some were just training for life.  The group formed a big circle and then our fearless leader said a group prayer.

The sun was bright and the roads were hot, but Kevin and I talked and the time seem to fly by.  We talked about the island, traveling, running, and life.  Kevin has traveled all over the world and had some pretty interesting experiences.  In fact, I have no doubt he would win on the next Survivor TV show.  Running is a great way to really get to learn about others and yourself.  It gives you a chance to reflect on your own actions and evaluate whether you are being true to yourself and your values.  

During our run, we could see the beautiful beaches and the blue ocean, and it made me realize how truly blessed I was to have the opportunity to run with such a great group.  We passed many of the hotels including the fabulous Gansevoort and I was excited to go back in the evening to see what it was like. We met up with other runners and there were people handing out water.  I was impressed with how organized it was.  As we ran up the hill, I asked about the gym I passed and the fee was very high.  I wondered how many of the locals could actually afford that price. 

Kevin told me that it was the longest run he had done yet and I was honored to be on this island to motivate  and so thankful he had picked me up that morning and the group was so fun to run with.  It was such a lovely experience that I would love to go back and run a race with them.  I love that the Provo Road Runners inspire the community to be active.  Check out their facebook page at

Inspire someone in your life to be healthy and send me a message telling me about it.

In Health and Happiness,

Madeline Dolente

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