Best Olympic Story Yet, Inspiration for a Lifetime

5 Aug

Pistorius becomes the first double amputee to compete in an athletic event in the Olympics.  

Why is this such a big deal?

First, how many people in the world can actually qualify for an Olympic sport?  Second, I can’t even imagine being able to run fast enough to qualify, let alone run without my legs and have to balance my body on carbon fiber blades.  Lastly, the Olympics have never allowed a double amputee to compete in the regular Olympics until now.

This news story was so inspiring that I had to write about it! I have to tell you that as a lifestyle coach and fitness professional, I hear excuses all day.  People don’t have time to exercise or when they do, they never see any results.  Well, stop feeling sorry for yourself.  There is always going to be someone better off or worse off.

Here is a guy who had both legs amputated before the age of one.  His biggest challenge was proving to the authorities that the blades gave him no advantage.  After years of debate, studies have proved that the blades give him no advantage.  Pistorius says, “If I had to listen to the five percent of negativity, I wouldn’t be here, If I have such an advantage, why isn’t everybody else running the same times?”

So the next time you compare yourself to someone else and think about what you don’t have, think about Pistorius and his amazing desire to win.  Use your gifts to achieve something great!  Unleash the beast!  Don’t talk about it, do it!

To read more about Pistorius, check out this link:



In Health and Happiness,

Madeline Dolente

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