Get Back Up & The Tour de France

14 Jul


Last night, I watched British rider, David Miller win the hardest stage, which was 226 kilometers and the 12th stage of the Tour de France.  There was no doubt that David Miller wanted this win and gave everything he had left to cross the finish line.  This was his first stage win since 2003 and coincidentally it is 45 years after Tom Simpson, the first Brit to wear yellow, died on the slopes of the Mont Ventoux after using a lethal mix of amphetamines and alcohol.  Interestingly enough, David Miller, who is a reformed ex-doper, won this stage clean and is proof that one can not only start over, but drugs aren’t necessary to succeed, even if others around you are giving into the pressure.

Whether you’ve gained weight, accumulated debt, or have gone down any wrong path, there’s always a way to get back on track and achieve your goals.  Sure, there are a lot of short cuts, but they will also catch up with you and no one gains confidence in cheating the system, because down deep they know what they did.  So be a hero, and decide what change you need to make today to make your life amazing!  Inspire us with your thoughts, so go ahead, leave a comment to this post.  Image

You can watch the clip of Stage 12 here:

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In Health and Happiness,

Madeline Dolente

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