Spin-Does It Help You Outdoors?

12 Jun

Spinning Spotlight: Chris Olsen taking ZenGo Italian Alps style – from the top of Passo Stelvio at 9000 feet!
After 5+ months of steady ZenGo training, I left for a week-long trip to Italy to cycle in the Dolomites and the Alps. Our group climbed many of the same mountains that the professionals climb in the Giro D’Italia, widely regarded as the most grueling professional cycling race in the world. I knew going in it would be a challenging trip, but it ended up being far more difficult than I anticipated – 7 days of 60+ miles of riding with significant elevation gains every day. Here are some stats to give you a flavor of the trip and the riders with whom I was matched:

4400 – highest calorie burn in a single day on the trip

3180 – average calorie burn per full day of riding

3 – the time in hours it took to make it to the top of the Stelvio Pass – miles and miles of road heading straight up to 9000 feet of elevation

6 – the minimum number of guys on the trip who shaved their legs for additional speed (no, I am not one of the 6)

250+ – the number of energy gel packs consumed while cranking up the mountains (yuck – can’t even look at a gel pack now)

48 – the speed in mph on one of my descents

1 – the minimum number of guys who had their names engraved on their bikes because they get paid to ride (as you might suspect, this is a subset of the shaved leg number)

1 – the number of guys on the trip who used a cycling studio as his primary method of training 🙂

The only reason I survived this trip is ZenGo. Over the course of several months of work, I dropped enough pounds and gained enough aerobic capacity and fitness to conquer the toughest cycling mountains in the world (ok, maybe not conquer, but I did manage to make it to the summits!) I owe a debt of gratitude to Marc and all the ZenGo instructors, including Kelly, Madeline Dolente, Melissa K. and Melissa C. Special thanks to Kelly from whom I took the majority of my classes and who always insisted on maximum effort (with the added bonus of top-notch teenybopper songs!). If these guys can get me up the Alps, they can help you accomplish just about anything!

In Health and Happiness,



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