Reward Yourself

16 Mar

We spend so much time trying to achieve the next goal, that sometimes we forget to reward our hard work.  Why not?  You earned it, plus planning for that reward can give yourself more motivation to achieve that goal.

I spent the last several months training for the New Orleans marathon, teaching, and training, so I decided to take a few days to teach in Jamaica and relax, and I bought myself a super cute Lululemon oulfit.  The running skirt is adorable with a ton of ruffles and a zipper in the back to hold my hotel room key when I ran here in Dallas.

So choose a goal, devise a training plan and then decide how you will reward yourself when you achieve that goal.  Tell me how you will reward yourself or if you need help developing a plan to help you succeed.

Here are some ideas for rewards you can give yourself :

1. A fun weekend trip

2.  An oulfit for a night out on the town

3.  New pair of shoes

4.   Cool workout gear (check out my Lululemon oulfit)

5.  Massage

Tell me what you will do!

In Health and Happiness,


One Response to “Reward Yourself”

  1. wartica March 16, 2012 at 3:19 pm #

    I agree ; rewarding ourselves is something we need to do – on occasion 😉

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