Getting better each birthday, Sara is 90

15 Mar

Today is my birthday and I am so fortunate to have been blessed with so much!  I have so many amazing people in my life, I have accomplished so much, and I am so healthy.  And there are so many years ahead.  How I live today will affect my future health.  This is why I want to share with you a very inspirational story.

Last week I was teaching a definitions class in Montego Bay, Jamaica.  As I was getting ready to start class, a group of 5 women walked into the room.  I went over to talk to them when I found out Sara, one of the ladies, was celebrating her 90th birthday with me!  I almost fell over! I couldn’t believe Sara was 90 AND that she was taking my class.  What was even more amazing was Sara’s attitude.  When her daughters tried to to get her to modify the exercises, she snapped back at them that she wanted to exercise.  She never gave up, not once!

Why is it that a 90 year old on vacation gives it her all and some 20 year olds whine?  It is all about attitude, so next time you feel weak or tired, think about Sara.  When I asked her for advice, she said that you need to always work out.  Check out the birthday celebration in the video!

Tell me how you are getting better with each birthday!

As my Aunt says, with every birthday, I get wiser, more wonderful, and know which things to care about!


In Health and Happiness from Dallas,


2 Responses to “Getting better each birthday, Sara is 90”

  1. charan March 15, 2012 at 12:59 pm #

    Happy Birthday Madeline we love you

  2. Anth March 15, 2012 at 1:03 pm #

    HAPPY B-DAY GIRL!!!!! Hope you’re having an awesome time!

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