Whitney Houston and What I Have Learned

19 Feb

Whitney Houston’s songs bring back some of my favorite memories when I was younger.  Her songs made me want to dance and fall in love.  I fall in a trance when I think about her song, ‘I will always love you’ in the movie The Bodyguard.

I was 17 and on the most romantic date of my life with the hottest, most adorable gentleman.  It was a hot summer night and Max had taken me to this lovely French restaurant.  After dinner, he held my hand as he lifted me get into the carriage.  We took a horse and carriage ride through downtown Philadelphia.  We had dessert and then talked as we walked around the lake.  Afterwards we watched The Bodyguard and as Whitney Houston sang, ‘I will always love you’, I thought to myself that this was the most lovely night ever.

Whitney Houston had the most beautiful voice and an amazing talent.  I loved her music and still do.  She also had a tough struggle with drugs and abuse.  Like so many other public figures, the stress of everyday can tear away at them.  It is easy to look at someone’s life and think that they are happy because they have fortune and fame, but often what’s on the outside is very different than the inside.

Rather than picking these people apart like the media does, why not step in their shoes for a moment and then take a look at your own life.  I can only imagine that it must have been very hard for Whitney when the media started featuring all of her problems in the newspapers and across the television.  Britney, Demi, Lindsay, and so many other stars can’t handle it, so I question you, what do you do when you’ve had it?  Do you do drugs, drink, eat?  How do you handle the stress?

I have had my fair share of challenges and I had found that exercise has been the healthiest way for me to deal with my stress.  After I have gone for a long run, sweat through a spin class, or punched or kicked a heavy bag, I know that tomorrow will be a new day.   There have been a few times that I new I needed to get away to sort through bigger decisions.  The time alone helped me create a happier environment.  So choose a healthy way to deal with your stress and go ahead and dance with somebody!

Song of the day:  I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston

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In Health and Happiness,


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