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3 Feb
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Proper shoes for running are the most important aspect of your performance and will prevent you from getting injured.  As a collegiate runner, I put a lot of miles in each week and still do as I train for my next marathon.  Proper support is important and allows me to do the other things I enjoy as well.

As a marathon runner, I tend to put more mileage on my running sneakers than most people so I need to get new running sneakers every 3 months.  I love the Asics Gel Nimbus and have been wearing them for 8 years now.  They are great for me because I have high arches and they offer a lot of support.  But the brand of shoes you choose is as individual as your personality so below are my tips for helping you find the best shoe;

1.  Go to a local running store!  Ask if they can video you as your running on the treadmill to determine the best shoe for you.  They can analyze your gait and tell you whether you soupinate or pronate, have a mow, medium, or high arch, and according to the type of running you will do, they will recommend a shoe suitable for YOU.  The average runner of 10-15 miles a week should get new sneakers every 6-9 months or 300 miles. 

2.  Only wear your running shoes when your run.  Make them last longer by getting 2 pairs and alternate.  I try to alternate between my sneakers and that helps them last longer.

3.  Once you’ve found a shoe that works stick with it.  It’s easy to order running shoes online and many sites offer free shipping!

4.  Make sure you tell the salesperson at the store what type of terrain you will be running on.  If you are running on trails, it is important to have trail running shoes.  Trail running shoes are usually a little bit heavier, but they have traction  for the slippery terrain.

5.  When to get a new pair?  If there is wear or tear, it’s time to get a new shoe. 

6.  New technology?  I bought the new Newton running shoes and I am testing them out now.  I have a few friends who are amazing runners and swear that Newtons are the best so I will be blogging my results.

7.  I love my orthodics and I get a new pair every 4 years.  They prevent me from getting injured and are necessary for my extremely high arches.  I got professional orthodics and I think they were well worth the $69.  Probably the best investment I made yet!

8.  I am not a fan of the Vibram fingers shoes for running.  I believe people need more support, especially if you are running 20 or 30 miles a week.

Check out tomorrow’s blog on Cycling Shoes!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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