Cross Training

30 Jan

The elite marathon runners put in 70-90 miles of running a week, but for the normal person, it’s not our full time job.  So how does one get better without investing a ton of time and enduring the wear and tear on the body?  Cross train with cycling and core training?  And this is what Jeff Horowitz recommends in his book, “Smart Marathon Training:  Run Your Best Without Running Yourself Ragged”

I had the opportunity to meet Jeff during a Lululemon event.  Being that we were both ambassadors, I was curious to learn about his background.  I had remembered reading his editorial posts for the local running magazine and enjoyed them.  What really makes him the expert is that he had run over 150 marathons in 6 continents, is a certified running and triathlon coach, personal trainer, and was once an attorney but quit to pursue his passion.  And by the way, he also has a lovely wife and son, so he understands trying to balance it all.

Having run a dozen marathons in the past few years, I think his training plans are right on point.  He advocates 30 quality miles per week and cycling and core work.  He believes that cycling will broaden runners endurance base so this winter is a perfect time for runners to try a cycling class.  If you are in DC/Bethesda, sign up for one of my free classes at If you are in Baltimore, come to the DAC Merritt Tuesday or Thursday morning, and if you are in Towson, come try a class with me at the FIT gym.

If you want to get stronger as a runner, check out a cycle class.  And if you are thinking about training for a marathon this spring or summer, you can meet Jeff at his next event.  Details are listed below.

In Health and Happiness,

Madeline Dolente

One Response to “Cross Training”

  1. charan January 30, 2012 at 2:10 pm #

    ZENGO cycling rocks!

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