Paula Dean and Diabetes Part 2

18 Jan

A friend brought up a good point and I think it’s definitely worth making the clarification. Paula Dean has type 2 diabetes, which is a the type of diabetes that 95 percent of the people with diabetes have. People with type 2 diabetes can lower there A1C and risks for complications by incorporating exercise and healthy nutrition.

It is important to note that Type 1 diabetes, which affects the other 5 percent of the people with diabetes is much different. For people with type 1 diabetes, the body does not make insulin and it is a disease that is much harder to control. I have had the opportunity to work with children and their parents through an organization known as the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and these children and their parents work so hard to keep healthy. It can be a daily struggle and I admire these families tremendously!

I admire everyone for all of the changes they make to live a happy and healthier lifestyle. It’s not easy to make changes, but the reward is well worth the effort!

In Health and Happiness,


In Health and

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