Being Prepared

8 Jan

Sunday is my day for getting everything together for my week.  Like most people, my week can be very busy and waking up 5 minutes late can make all the difference in the world.  This upcoming week has more additional meetings and activities than normal, so if I want to fit in exercise and proper eating, I have to be prepared.

I start by looking at my calendar for the week.  I then write in all the workouts I plan to do.  Once I am finished that, I get out all my workout clothes and set them up so that if I can get dressed and run out the door in the morning.  Next, I start cooking my food for the week.  Once I cook it all, I place it into plastic tupperware in the fridge so I don’t forget that it’s there.

Next I look at my schedule to see if I have any other meetings that would require specific clothing.  After doing so, I hang all my suits in the front of my closet so if I am getting ready at the gym, I can grab and go.  I then pack gym bags so I have all the necessary toiletry for getting ready at the gym.

I then start working on projects that I know will require time during the week for work and my hobbies.  I make sure I have all the paperwork necessary to complete my tasks and I am not looking for things last minute.  Last minute projects can easily make you late for your appointments and being late sends the wrong message.

So be prepared this week and be one step ahead by following these tips:

1.  Forget the candybars and doughnuts at work.  Cook and pack your food into containers that you can easily grab in the morning.

2.  Set aside your workout clothes for each workout with a pair of socks.

3.  Pack your gym bag with all the toiletries so you can grab and go in the morning instead of fussing around the house.

4.  Record all your workouts in your appointment book so you already have a plan for what you will be doing this week.

5.   Write out a list the night before so you remember to grab everything you need in the morning.

By preparing yourself, you are already a step ahead of the game.  You will feel a sense of ease knowing that you have everything you need and it will make your life easier.  Let me know if these tips help you save time this week or if there is something you do on a weekly basis that works for you!

Song of the day (my all-time favorite):  Clap Again by Akon

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