Making the Commitment

7 Jan

I’m at the hairdresser and as she is working with my hair, she tells me that she want to work out but is lazy. I did appreciate that was honest but I also wondered why she was okay with being lazy. So I asked her how working out made her feel. She admitted that she loved how she felt after working out, but the issue was with making the commitment.

Why are so many people apprehensive about commitments? There are men who pass up the opportunity to marry an amazing woman, while others fear that if they agree to workout, they may actually enjoy it. Let me tell you that in my 18 years of being a fitness professional, any person who has ever committed to a healthy lifestyle has only IMPROVED their life. Sounds good to me!

So I told my hairdresser that she should make a small commitment which would mean working out 2 days her first week. She said she didn’t think that was enough, but I told her that she needed to start small and then once she achieved success, she could add an additional day each week.

Essentially most people will not make a commitment because their afraid of failure. You never know what you will accomplish unless you try! Below are my tips for making a commitment to a healthy lifestyle, so go ahead get started and see how amazing your life can be!

1. Start small. Choose a small goal that is achievable!

2. Tell the world what you are doing! Essentially everyone you tell is bound to ask you about your goal so you will feel a greater degree of accountability if you tell others. Include your coworkers, friends, and family in your goal setting process.

3. Reward yourself for your achievement with health treats. Get yourself a new oulfit or get tickets to that band you been dying to see!

Let me know what goal you’ve chosen so I can cheer you on!

In Health and Happiness,


One Response to “Making the Commitment”

  1. The Savvy Sister January 7, 2012 at 7:18 pm #

    Great advice!

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