Bodyfat and How To Measure It

5 Jan

In yesterday’s blog I discussed why weight loss was not the best measurement for determing one’s progress in the gym. The tool I think is the most important for analyzing one’ physique is body fat, because a lower body fat is healthier for the body and also makes the body look better.

Trainers have been using body fat calipers for years, while people have scales at home and I can tell you both are wildly inaccurate. In ‘The Four Hour Body’, Tim Ferriss recommends the DEXA, BodPod, and the Ultrasound by BodyMetrix as the three top tools for measuring bodyfat. So today I will review the three and let you in on a special opportunity here in Maryland.

The DEXA is an X-ray that costs $50-100 per session and measures bone density in addition to bodyfat. It will show muscle imbalances that can be missed by your average doctor.

The Bodymetrix ultrasound device tells you the thickness of fat wherever you place it. It is used by many of the top professional teams. A professional unit is $2000 and a personal unit is $500.

The BodPod uses air-displacement and alternates air pressures to determine body composition. Infact, the BodPod is the official bodyfat measurement device for the NFL and is used by scouts in selecting the top players.

Merritt Athletic Club is bringing BodPod testing to their Fort Avenue location on Wednesday January 11, 2012. The first test will provide important metabolic and body composition data. The second test graphs change in both lean mass and fat mass. The times are 9am-1pm and 3pm-8pm. Cost is $45 single or $75 for a double test. Contact Heidi Shaneybrook at

I highly recommend the BodPod for those who are looking to change their body. I am getting my bodyfat tested via the BodPod then will become a guinea pig of ‘The Four Hour Diet’ and will be posting my progress so stay tuned.

In Health and Happiness,

Madeline Dolente

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