The #1 Tool for Achieving Goals

3 Jan

Journaling is the #1 tool for achieving your personal, career, relationship, and health goals this year!  Journaling has provided me with so many insights regarding my relationships, career, education, and health.  It is the tool that has helped me understand what works in my life and what I need to get rid of.  It has provided me with motivation when I feel like a failure and it has helped me focus on what is most important in my life.

Runner’s World just had a great article in their January issue titled ‘Year in Review’ which challenged runners to look back at their logs and assess their strengths and weaknesses, which made me want to kick myself for not keeping a detailed journal on my marathon training.  How will I do better if I don’t know what worked and what didn’t.  I can guess, but a journal provides so much more detailed information that I may not have kept a mental note of.  Studies have proven that dieters who record their daily food intake are more successful than those who do not write it down.  In fact, all of my clients who recorded their food, drinks, and activity each day and sent it to me did ten times better than my clients who did not.  The top business leaders record everything.  Journaling has proven success for so many people, so get started today!

1.  Define your goal.  Do you want to lose weight, take more spin classes, workout consistently, run faster, achieve more sales for your job, achieve better grades?

2.  Decide what information you will need to include on a daily or weekly basis to help you achieve that goal.  For example, if you wanted to lose weight, you would record your daily caloric intake and the moods associated to each meal.

3.  Decide how you will record this data.  I will list several resources for journaling.

4.  Decide how often you are going to review your journal to assess what is working and what needs to change.

5.  Enlist the help if a coach if you aren’t making the progress you had hoped for.

6.  Celebrate your accomplishments and hard work because you are the one that made it happen.

Below are some tools that I like for journaling:

1. is a free online journal that is focused on privacy.  I started my journal and can’t wait to compile a week’s worth of entries

2.  Microsoft word is a decent took for recording daily events.  Just make sure you create a folder and date each entry.

3.  Buy a notebook and write the date on each new post.

4.  Go hi-tech and purchase software for journaling.  Check out

5.  Go mobile and purchase an app that will make it easy for you to type your journal on your smartphone or ipad daily.  Check out the following link which lists 50 different apps so you can choose the one that will suit your needs.

Please let me know which journal you will be using and what you will be recording and if you need advice, send me an email at


In Health and Happiness,

Madeline Dolente


One Response to “The #1 Tool for Achieving Goals”

  1. mlb1399 January 3, 2012 at 11:19 pm #

    Thanks for the great tips to make 2012 a healthy and successful year. I know personally, I need to do a better job of tracking my caloric intake.

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