2012 and An Even Better You

2 Jan

The beginning of a new year is a good opportunity to reflect on 2011 and plan for 2012. You can go through life hoping things happen or you can make things happen. Today I will talk about creating a map for the life you want!

Reflection is an important part of the process and by doing so you should be able to understand what things work for you and what things need to change. If you repeat the same thing, expect the same result. It’s like the woman who comes up to me and says, I’ve been working out and I just can’t seem to lose weight and I am so frusterated. I am happy that she is working out but she knows that inconsistent workouts and the late night meals are the reason she hasn’t lost any weight, yet she refuses to change. If you refuse to change, then you must accept the results. If you want to change the results, you must change YOUR ACTIONS.

I have spent a lot of time reflecting on my year so today I am going to run you through the process that I am going through in my own life. I began by looking at my journals and listing my accomplishments and my failures then I looked at what were the causes of each. So here is an example from my list. I ran a marathon and I was successful because I found great people to run with but I was not as fast as I would have liked because I did not do track work. So I have a choice to make, if my goal is to run a faster time in the New Orleans marathon, I can continue to do what I am doing. If my goal is to run a really fast marathon, then I have to do the weekly track workouts, I will have to get more sleep, and I will have to lighten my schedule. So I can’t just say, I am going to run a faster marathon. I need to develop an action plan to ensure that I will achieve that goal.

I began by focusing on the smaller goals. Lack of sleep has been my biggest obstacle in 2011, so I am developing several small goals to ensure that I get adequate sleep so I can successful complete the track workouts. One smaller goal will be to put together my workout stuff and suits at the beginning of the week so I do not have to deal with this at night. I will also need to get to bed earlier on Tuesday nights so I will not get on the computer or watch television Tuesday evenings.

In order to be successful in achieving your goals in 2012, you must do the following:
1. Reflect on what worked and what didn’t in 2011.
2. Develop goals that are smart, measurable, actionable, reasonable, and timely.
3. Develop many smaller goals that will ensure your success on a daily basis.
4. Record your progress on a daily basis. This will help you reassess your goals and figure out if your plan is effective for helping to achieve your goals.
5. Involve others in your goal planning and choose specific friends or family members who will make you accountable.

You can dream about the life you want to you can live that life. It all starts with you. You can do anything so create a plan that will make 2012 your best year yet. Tell me what one of your goals will be for 2012. I can’t wait to hear!

In Health and Happiness,


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