Television and Your Health

31 Dec

Nearly every health magazine I’ve read this month has an article about the benefits of watching less television. Apparently the findings from the latest research are quite promising. Less time in front of the tv equated to a longer life, you will stay leaner, and healthier, and you will sleep better.

I remember teaching a lecture at the University of Maryland on exercise and nutrition. Only 25 percent of the students exercised regularly. When I asked the other students why they didn’t exercise, they all complained that they were too busy. Really? Try getting out in the real world and working a full time job.

When I dug deeper by finding out what the students did in their free time, I discovered that most of them watched a significant amount of television! In fact, they spent about ten hours a week watching television. My first suggestion was that they watch one of their TV shows while they are doing cardio. They could be on the stepmill, elliptical, treadmill, or bike while watching their favorite show.

I like to take a step back weekly and assess what’s working and what needs to change in my life. I found that I wound unwind by watching Law & Order late at night. I was really enjoying the show, but I wasn’t getting enough sleep and I wasn’t reading as much. So I made a decision to not watch television in the evening anymore. I am now getting more sleep and back to reading great books on a daily basis.

Now I am not saying you can’t watch television, but I would challenge you to add up all the time you spend watching television. Then with the total hours, think about what you could be doing with that time? You could learn a new language, achieve a lean and defined body, become a better cook, and spend your evenings creating the life you dream about.

So how much time are you willing to trade and what will you be doing instead of watching television? Let me know!

Enjoy the last night of 2011!

Song of the day:
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One Response to “Television and Your Health”

  1. charan December 31, 2011 at 2:36 pm #

    Less TV means more time for your dreams. Less TV equals more goal oriented activities. Less TV creates a calm atmosphere and even temperment. More energy and and a keener imagination. Increasing a clearer perspective and outlook on your own life. That way we live our own lives instead of through the lives of others. So instead of watching reality shows and soap operas…be a real housewife of DC and actually go to the opera at the Kennedy Center.

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