Let Go and Live Like a Rockstar

29 Dec

One of the things I like to do at the end of the year is get rid of the clutter and start with a fresh slate.  This year I started by gathering a bunch of stuff that I wasn’t using and with a friend’s help, sold it on ebay.  I then gathered some things to bring to goodwill.  Next I started going through my clothes and I saw a pair of shorts that I haven’t seen in awhile.  These were old black shorts that fit okay, but are baggier than I’d like.  These are the kind of shorts that are good for the days I do not feel my best.  So, I sat back and thought why would I keep shorts that I don’t really like.  At this point, I thought about the television show where the woman was still wearing her maternity clothes on her fat days.  Seriously?!  Let’s take a step back.

Why would I save clothes for the days I don’t feel that good?  Okay so all the women know that there are those few days a month that we get bloated, irritable, and crave chocolate.  Men are so lucky they don’t have to deal with these things, but yes those days can be tough on a woman physically and mentally, but does that give me a reason to dress like a bum?

Seriously I’ve heard men and women say, “those are my fat pants.”  It is as if you are justifying gaining weight.  Many people say that if they ever gain the weight back, they won’t have to go shopping again.  Why would you allow yourself to gain the weight back.  YOU are in control of your body, so don’t have things around that will allow you to feel bad about yourself.  I don’t know any person that has said, “I can’t wait to put on my fat pants!  They are sooo hot!”

So make it a resolution to get rid of the fat pants and anything else that doesn’t make you feel wonderful, vivacious, and like the rockstar you are!  Instead go to Lululemon or any sporting goods store and get yourself an oulfit that makes you feel great, because how you dress reflects how you feel inside.  If your budget is tight, check out ebay.

Take a picture and send it to me.  Show the world your best self!

Tune of the day:

Supermodel by Avery Storm featuring Nelly


In Health and Happiness,


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