Music to Motivate You

28 Dec

For those of you who read my blog on Christmas, you may remember that I was running while my niece was  pushing away on her scooter.  At one point when she started to get tired and her breathing became heavy, she looked over at me and said, “I really wish I had my ipod with me and could listen to my music.”  I’m sure she was thinking that if she could listen to her music, she wouldn’t have to hear me say, “Go Hannah, you can do it, just to the sign, C’mon, let’s go, yes you can.”  If her head phones were on, she could have stopped and walked, and just looked at me and said that she couldn’t hear me.  I knew what she was thinking!

I looked back and her and said that I was thinking the same thing.  We were both tired from the holiday events and just wanted to hear some fun music that would inspire us to go further and make the workout seem easier.  How is it that my niece is only 8 years old and wants music to work out to?  No matter the age, music is a very powerful motivational tool.  Heck, I spend hours listening to music and working on playlists for my classes because I want every class to be as fun and tough as possible.  So you’re holiday treat is one of my playlists.

Download it, work out to it, and tell me how it worked for you.  Get your booty in gear for the New Year and if you are in South Beach, send me a message!

2011 Workout with Madfitness

On the dancefloor-David Guetta

Don’t Stop the Party-Blackeyed Peas

Sound of Letting Go-David Guetta

Thunder Remix-Nuttin’ But Stringz

Keep Up-Fusion 5

Dj Got Us Falling In Love-Usher

Sober Remix-Pink

Get Buck in Here-Akon

International Love-Pitbull

Sexy and I Know it-LFMAO

In Health and Happiness,



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