Fuel and Tricks for Evening Workouts

20 Dec

Anyone who has worked out with me knows you better be ready to bring it. Why? I thrive on motivating people to see how amazing they can be when they try. It is what makes my day fulfilling. That being said, there will be days when you’ve run out of fuel and all you want to do is take a nap. I have been there, but today I am going to give you my secrets for energy when you really need it!

Water is something I always have with me at all times. I keep a cae in my car and a bottle in my bag. For extra energy, I add the Strawberry-flavored Crystal Lite. You can find this in a box in Target, Walmart, or any chain grocery store. I prefer water with Crystal Lite to diet sodas always! The carbonation from soda tends to bloat most people.

The next thing I decide is when I will eat my dinner. If I eat it at 4:30 pm, I do not need an extra snack. If you are single like myself and do not regularly eat dinner with anyone at a standard time, then you may want to think about eating dinner before your evening workout. If you’d rather eat it later, I would still advise a snack so you have ad much energy to give your best!

Now a few things to keep in mind, I do not have any dietary restrictions. Without restrictions, I do reflect on how certain foods affect my energy and how quickly I digest them, so I would advise that you do the same.

If I choose to eat a snack before my workout, my goal will be to eat 90 minutes before I workout and my snack is usually 250-300 calories. And below are some healthy options that give me that mad energy to give 100 percent.

Option 1: Small Honeycrisp apple with almond butter, 1 light stick cheese

Option 2: 1/2 pita, 2 slices of turkey with mustard, lettuce, tomato, 14 almonds

Option 3: Small salad with low-fat dressing, 1 peanut butter granola bar

Option 4: 1 serving of almond and cranberry mix from Whole Foods, 1 greek yogurt with 1 splenda

Option 5: Almond butter on 2 rice cakes with banana on top

Option 6: Greek yogurt with blueberries, edamame

Option 7: Gardenburger with a thin layer of hummus, 1 cup of grapes

Option 8: Pita chips with hummus and edamame

Option 9: Ultimate Shake: 1 cup of coffee, 1 scoop of protein powder, 2 splenda, ice, 1 tbsp of peanute butter, 1/2 banana, 4 ounces of unsweetened almond milk

Option 10: Egg whites with feta and 1 piece of Ezekiel bread

These are ten options I like which meet my energy needs and food cravings. Tell me what you like or if you tried any of these, how did it make you feel?

Stay tune for tomorrow’s blog on supplementation. It will be very interesting because I will be trying out the latest fads and reporting back to you!

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In Health and Happiness,

Madeline Dolente

One Response to “Fuel and Tricks for Evening Workouts”

  1. anne December 21, 2011 at 5:59 am #

    great suggestions, madeline. my snacks are far more boring – just a banana or peanut butter on toast. happy workout!!

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