Motivational Gifts

16 Dec

If you’ve had a busy month and still have gifts to get, I have some ideas for you. These gifts will motivate that special someone to live a happy and healthy life. Let me know what you think and if you have some ideas, please share!

The runner:
Garmin GPS 205 is a simple watch for runners fir calculating time, distance, and pace. If you choose the heart rate option, it will cost you $50 more. I am a big fan of this watch and I use it for all my marathon training!
Low budget: Itunes gift card for motivational music on those long runs!

The cyclist or workout buddy:
Cycling classes are a great way to burn fat without the impact! If they live in DC or Maryland, buy a gift card at or if they live in NY, check out
Low budget: Cycling socks, a cool water bottle, and book of great cycling in the area

The Yogi:
Buy a 10 class package at their local yoga studio or some super cute yoga clothes at
Low budget: a cute yoga mat and hair band at

Pilates Performer or Dancer:
Barre class and Physique 57 are the hottest workouts for the pilates lovers. Google barre classes to find one in your area.

The Busy Mom:
Choose from 14 phenomenal dvds that will be sure to get this Mom in shape while the cookies are baking in the oven. Go to

The Foodie:
The Hungry Girl book series offers very clever ways to make foods taste yummy without all the calories and fat.

The Sports Guy:
Get him tickets to one of his favorite team’s games. Just make sure you get decent seats.

Did I miss anyone? If you found a gift at a great deal, send me a comment!

Song of the day: The Best One Yet by Black Eyed Peas

Free download:

In Health and Happiness,

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