Get Back Up

10 Dec

Did you ever fall really hard and wish you could crawl into a little hole and hide from the world. I have fallen many times and I truly believe that the times we get back up make us so much stronger.

Two years ago I ran the Marine Core Marathon with a bunch of my friends. I remember the morning so clearly as if it was yesterday. I was in the second year of my MBA and really tired from a long week of school and work. There were three of us and we pretty much ran side by side by side the first 16 miles of the race. I was definitely dragging but I was determined to keep the pace of my friends. As we were turning the corner, they moved forward and as I stepped forward this guy tried to get in front of me. At that very moment his heel hit my ankle.

At that point I went flying forward like a baseball player sliding into home plate. I immediately got up and felt my entire body throbbing in pain. The right side of my face was burning, so I touched it and saw that there was blood all over my hands. Then I looked down at my knees which were killing at this point and my legs were covered in blood. The guy apologized, but what could he do. My friends stopped, and then continued running.

At that moment, I knew my decision had to be quick. I could feel sorry for myself and focus on the pain, or I could continue running. So for ten more miles, I kept going and put the pain to the side. As I ran through the finish line, the medical staff saw me covered in blood and carried me to the medical tent.

One staff member asked if they could super glue my eyelid and then asked if I was a model. At this point I knew my face was really messed up. My calves had cramped because I was dehydrated and I got sick to my stomach.

It all got so much more interesting when I got back to the hotel and saw myself. REALLY?!?! Only two more weeks to Halloween and I would not need a costume because I looked like a freak. What was even more amusing was the looks that people would give the guy I was dating at the time because they thought he had punched me in the face.

My face healed in a few weeks without any scars and I had a medal for finishing the marathon. This is an extreme situation and obviously a very abnormal marathon experience, however if you were in the situation, what would you do? If you fail at something, what do you do?

Everyone falls, but when you get back up, you become stronger and wiser. I realized that if I was able to run the Marine Core marathon in that time with what I experienced, I could definitely do so much better in my next marathon. The next year I ran the Chicago marathon and had the best experience and achieved a personal record. I didn’t let one bad experience prevent me from realizing my potential, so don’t you!

If you fall, get back up! It will only make you stronger!

Song of the day: Start Again by Jefr Tale
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In Health and Happiness,


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