How do you eat on the weekends?

9 Dec

Every week I look forward to Friday at 5pm when I can let loose and spend time with my favorite people doing the things I love. It is also a time I can catch up on all the other stuff like laundry, cleaning, and other tasks.

With everything going on, most people don’t really think about what they eat, myself included. Our weekly schedules can be so regimented, that a restricted diet feels like another big task on our already overcrowded to-do list!

That being said, I started to think about some of my clients and their frusterations. Whenever they would hand me their food logs, the number of calories they consumed during the weekend was always much higher than the week days. When I would ask my clients why they ate specific food or portions, their answers involved going out to restaurants, hangovers, boredom, or lack of food in the house.

So I started thinking about people’s results like a business. If someone eats whatever they want from Friday afternoon through Sunday, they are off their food plan 2.5 days a week, which if the month has 4 weekends, that equals 10 days a month. If the month has 30 days and 10 or one-third of the month is spent eating whatever you want, then how can you expect to see results? Really!

Why spend so much effort eating healthy all week to sabotage it by eating poorly all weekend?

I’m not saying to stay home and eat celery stalks. What I am saying is that if you want to be fitter, stronger, and leaner, you have to make good decisions all of the time, not just two-thirds of the time. Here are some ideas that have helped my clients lose weight and could help you too.

1. Have healthy foods at home. If you are sitting on the couch watching television and the only thing to eat is a bag of chips, chances are that you will finish that bag. Stock up on salad, hummus, and chicken.

2. Choose healthy options at restaurant like grilled fish, flank steak, or chicken. Start with a salad and avoid thick and creamy salad dressings.

3. Share dessert with someone. It can make the experience more fun and who really needs a big slice of anything?

4. Ramp up your workouts. With more time, you can get in a longer run, bike ride, spin or yoga class.

5. Eat regularly to keep your metabolism up and prevent any ravenous binges.

If one third of your month is spent eating junk, than how can you expect to feel like a rockstar? Forget the excuses and decide who you want to be. It’s YOUR life afterall!

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Have a great weekend!

In Health and Happiness,


One Response to “How do you eat on the weekends?”

  1. alysha.greig December 10, 2011 at 6:10 pm #

    i love this. i totally have had “weekend binges” too. the best thing i’ve done for myself is just not bought unhealthy food. that way i’m not tempted. thanks for the reminder!

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